Projects & Activities


Malaysian Scientific Diaspora


The aim of the Malaysian Scientific Diaspora Network is to bring together researchers, academic, and practitioners from diverse fields, including ITC, pathology, medical engineering, civil engineering, major infrastructure management, organisational development, pharmacology and more. Supporters include researchers PhD holders and candidates, professors, and professionals. It acts as a mechanism to bring together people from different backgrounds, and creates potential opportunities for intra and interdisciplinary interaction, including possible international collaboration. In addition, it also acts as the science and technology industry subgroup for AMBCQ.

Internship Programme


The AMBCQ has initiated an internship project for 2014. This pilot project is one of the first of its kind, and provides a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for participants.  Interns are drawn from a number of disciplines, with a range of backgrounds, including students, PhD candidates, and recent graduates. So far this year our intern group has been involved in a number of AMBCQ projects, including events, social media, website development, marketing and many other opportunities. The AMBCQ supports the intern group in the development of new skills, business acumen and etiquette, and exposure to new opportunities and challenges. The intern group also increases the capacity of the AMBCQ and helps with the delivery of new and better services for our members. This first cohort has proven to be very successful and we will be continuing the project into the future.

Dragon Boat


The AMBCQ first formed its dragon boat team in 2009, to compete in the Brisbane City Council Parkinson Ward's Dragon Boat Festival at Forest Lake. Since this first competition, our AMBCQ Water Dragons have continued to compete in a number of events and festivals, such as the Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Regatta, and most recently in a dragon boat “tug of war”. Despite being an amateur team that does not train year round, we have done very well and have often surprised other teams with our strong showing. It has been a great way to bring members together, stay fit, have fun and build our team spirit.

Carrom Group


Carrom is a traditional sport played throughout many parts of Asia (and in Europe and North America), that many Malaysians and others will remember fondly. The sport is similar to pool, but played with discs and fingers. Our dragon boat group has been a good success and provided a recreational outlet for many of our members. This new group will provide another social and recreational avenue to gather the chaps (both female and male) together for fun and friendship.


Carrom is a game that was popular in many British colonies and territories, and AMBCQ members from Malaya, India, the UK, Kenya, Tanganyika, North Borneo, Sarawak, Rhodesia, Ceylon and Singapore will know that it is still played in those places.   Carrom is not only a great game but it also helps bring people together socially. 


Apart from diplomatic, trade, investment, government and business events, AMBCQ members catch up for carrom and other parlour games over a curry tiffin and traditional Malayan and Straits Settlements beverages such as Gin Pahit, Whisky Stengah, Gin and Tonic, Brandy Ginger Ale, sherry, beer and shandy.  Our Carrom group is expected to be very popular amongst members from Australia and abroad, and is an acknowledgement of Australia and Malaysia’s proudly shared British heritage.  

Promoting Trade and Investment 


AMBCQ has an ongoing programme to promote bilateral trade and investment through collaboration with Austrade, Matrade, MIDA, DFAT, and other government entities.  We host incoming delegations and lead outbound delegations.  Many Queensland firms have a major presence in Malaysia and vice versa.  Companies such as Sanderson which built many of the major iconic theme parks in Queensland such as Movie World, Wet and Wild, and Sea World are now headquartered in Malaysia. 


The Petronas-SANTOS joint venture in Queensland is a multi-billion dollar project.  In terms of hotels and resorts in Queensland, many are owned by Malaysians including the Marriott Hotel Brisbane, Four Points Hotel and Apartments, Intercontinental Gold Coast, Hayman Island, Sanctuary Cove and others.  Aged care is attracting growing interest, with AVEO in Brisbane, and KPJ buying a majority stake in Jetta Gardens in Logan City.


Other major bilateral businesses include AirAsia X.  Founded by Malaysian Tony Fernandes, the airline has been voted as the best budget carrier in the world for six consecutive years.   AirAsia X’s Australia and New Zealand presence is headquartered in Brisbane, and makes a significant contribution to the Gold Coast economy and to inbound tourism.


Education is another very strong sector, with Queensland-based universities such as Griffith University contributing greatly to the total number of Malaysian fee-paying students in Queensland.  Malaysian students now constitute one of the largest groups of international students in Queensland.  Similarly each of those universities boasts a significant number of Malayan-born and Malaysian-born academic staff.

Supporting Arts and Creative Industries 


The AMBCQ enjoys a very good relationship with the arts community, and we support the arts and the creative industries including fine arts, creative writing, performance arts, traditional crafts, contemporary music and classical music.  We do this through attendances at events, membership, purchases and any other way we are able to.


AMBCQ has a special relationship with the following:

  • Chern’ee Sutton - a young indigenous artist
  • Queensland Youth Orchestras
  • Karen and Edwin Clark - Australia’s only antiquarian map and print makers
  • Hock Chong Lion Dance and Kung Fu school