The Australia Malaysia Business Council Queensland Inc is an independent and incorporated bilateral business council.  Our headquarters is located in Brisbane, arguably Australia's leading gateway to Asia and the Pacific.  AMBCQ members are located in numerous cities in several countries.  It is a highly active organisation with a strong membership base, and is by far the largest of its kind in Australia. As a bilateral organisation recognised by both the Australian and Malaysian Governments, we promote, support and facilitate trade, business and international relations between the two nations and the wider Asia-Pacific region.  The AMBCQ regularly organises functions and participated in many forums, as well as helping and advising Australian, Malaysian and other businesses and individuals in all aspects of business promotion and facilitation. Our membership comprises a cross-section of business interests from large corporations to small and medium sized enterprises, professionals. 

The objectives of the AMBCQ are to:

  • Promote trade, industry, and business opportunities between our two countries

  • Facilitate and foster strong relations between Australia and Malaysia, and throughout the region

  • Provide a forum for communication and information dissemination for business and industry

  • Make a positive contribution to the Malaysian and Australian communities

  • Be a point of contact for Malaysian and Australian businesses, professionals, and individuals

Benefits of AMBCQ membership include:

An apolitical nature and bipartisanship approach
It is our policy to engage all sides both here in Australia and also in Malaysia and as an organisation we have developed strong support across the political spectrum.  This gives us key insights into and keylinks within the strategic landscape of both countries.

Strategic Networks
We provide a strategic platform for members to develop their networks.  Our members come from a wide range of industries and many different backgrounds with varying business interests.  We are an independently incorporated body headquartered in Brisbane, and our members are based in many cities in several countries.

AMBCQ is recognised by both the Malaysian and Australian governments as well as by state and local governments.  We are involved in many highly sought after events, such as business delegations, trade discussions and ministerial visits. Each year, the AMBCQ hosts, contributes to or is represented at up to 200 events and meetings and activities and often more.

Not just Malaysia
Many of our members have links and business interests in Malaysia, but also in the wider Asian region. Additionally, you will find that Malaysia is an excellent base for working in and doing business with Asia in general.  Our events and activities have covered Singapore, Malaysia, the Nordic countries, Germany, Indonesia and other countries.

Service and Community
We are a business council with heart, and we make a strong contribution to civic society and to the community in general.  We take a strong interest not just in business, but also in the arts, sports and recreation, and social opportunities for our members.  We pride ourselves on supporting the community, helping others, and supporting our members.